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DIY Playroom Chalkboard Wall

I struggled with this playroom ever since we moved in. We really only have one and a half walls to use in this space. The one wall is completely lined with windows, one is the stair railing, and the other is a small wall that also contains my daughters bedroom door. We were left with this big wall that I had absolutely no idea what to do with.



I wanted to bring more color into the neutral room since the walls are Revere Pewter (from Benjamin Moore) with beige carpet. But I didn’t want anything too busy, like a gallery wall.

I saw a photo on Pinterest with a huge vintage green chalkboard from an old school house and fell in love. I needed this chalkboard, but I couldn’t find one within my price range or within driving distance.

So, I took the cheaper way out and painted this chalkboard on the wall. It was super simple and I love how it adds a fun element to the room.


  1. A roll of blue painters tape
  2. Green tinted Chalkboard paint that you can buy at Home Depot (or any other color that you choose)
  3. Rollers
  4. Sandpaper 400grit
  5. Pine Wood for the frame
  6. Jacobean Stain


  1. First, tape off where you want the chalkboard to go on the wall, using the blue painters tape. (You do not have to have the tape perfectly straight as the wood frame will go over the chalk line.
  2. If your walls are texture, use the sandpaper to sand off as much texture as you can.
  3. Paint 3-4 coats of the Green Chalkboard Paint on your wall
  4. Cut the wood Pine framing to size – You can also ask home depot to do this for you if you do not have the proper saw.
  5. Stain the wood with Jacobean using a soft cloth and let dry overnight.
  6. Remove the painters tape and nail on the frame.

and TA-DA! you have yourself your very own green chalkboard!

Please tag me on Instagram @clareandgracedesigns if you decide to make your own Chalkboard wall. I would love to see it!


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