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Let’s face it: Mommin’ ain’t easy! And it’s okay to admit it. To all my stay-at-home moms, working moms, step moms, and all the other “moms” in between, this post is for you.


It’s 9 a.m. and I just roll up to school where my little ones go twice week for a few hours, and I feel like I just ran the marathon of the century. I may appear put together since I managed to slip into a real-life, adult outfit, but the truth is, I’m hanging on by a thread! I’m sure many of you can relate to mornings like these.


It all started with that darn time change (what unimaginable human being even thought of daylight savings time, am I right?!) we are up an hour early at 5 a.m. My screaming two-year-old who obviously didn’t get enough sleep startles me awake. From there, I get my one-year-old up. As they’re chugging down their milk while mesmerized by their favorite TV show, Bubble Guppies, I manage to unload the dishwasher. I turn around for a split second, and suddenly I’m greeted by the one-year-old with a knife in her hand that she managed to swipe from the dishwasher. Deep breaths, moving onward!


I then make a healthy breakfast and sit them down at the table where they can’t move or reach any objects of destruction! I look longingly at my cup of coffee that has gone cold while I make lunches. Two seconds later I find my littles’ breakfast thrown on the ground, while the dog is happily licking every crumb clean! Breakfast has surely met its match in every toddler household! As I go back upstairs to get their teeth brushed, I find one has changed into her princess costume while the other unleashed her inner artist and colored the walls! A+ for creativity, but come on! Thankfully I can scrub the crayon off the wall, and Princess Rapunzel stubbornly put her school outfit back on.


Alas, I discover my coffee again and ignore its perpetually lukewarm state. At this point I really just need an IV of caffeine! I edit a few photos for the day and go to check on the girls who were playing a little too quietly upstairs. They decided to practice brushing their teeth and brushed their clothes instead! We change into outfit number three of the day. Could I be homefree? Nope, not quite. Little Isla pulls one last stunt, and instead of swallowing her allergy medicine, she spits the cherry red, sticky goop all over her shirt and onto the floor. At this point I don’t care if she goes to school with a stain on her top. Thankfully, the dog takes care of the floor for me.


We get our shoes on yet again, I grab their backpacks and nap pads and am FINALLY making my way towards the door, when I notice my loving dog looking at me in famished desperation. We feed my poor starving dog and we are OUT!  But of course, to my toddlers, feeding the dog entails scattering handfuls of dog food throughout the house. And finally, the door is closed behind us and we’re off!


We head to school in silence thanks to Mickey Mouse, I put their shoes on once again, wipe their boogers and we finally make it to school.

Just another day in the life of being a mom, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I just need a fresh cup of coffee.



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  • Reply
    November 17, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    Amen! My little man is going through a bit of a sensitive, ornery phase (at least, I’m praying it’s a phase! Ah!), so the last few weeks have been a challenge. He is a sweetie but can really wear me down after a long day 😉 So glad we can all be in this together, it’s nice to be reminded that you aren’t alone!

    • Reply
      November 17, 2017 at 8:11 pm

      I hope he goes through his phase quickly! This was one morning that seems to be like all the other mornings! We as mammas do so much over the course of a day, sometimes before the rest of the neighborhood is even awake! We are all in this together!

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