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DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

This year, since both the girls are a bit older now and understand Christmas, I have decided to start a few family traditions of our own. One of the first being, an Advent Calendar. I love the idea of Advent Calendars but I couldn’t find one that I truly loved for our home in stores.

Of course, I then browsed Pinterest for some ideas and came up with an easy and cheap DIY advent calendar that you can make in less than 15 minutes.




  1. Small brown paper gift bags – I found these below at hobby lobby. You can really pick any size that goes in the space you want to hang them.
  2. A roll of twine or ribbon
  3. Black Sharpie Marker
  4. Candy of your choice
  5. Craft Clips




  1. Start by labeling 1-24 on each bag with your sharpie marker
  2. Stuff each bag with the candy of your choice – my kids LOVE lollipops
  3. Seal the bag with the clip to hold in place
  4.  For the next step, you can either tape the twine in place on the wall, or in my case, since the bags were pretty heavy I used nails to secure the twine to the wall. If you use tiny nails, you will hardly see the nail hole once removed.
  5. Clip the bags to the twine, you can use as many rows of twine as you need. For my space I only needed two long strands of twine to go across the chalkboard.

And there you go!! Super easy, I did this in literally 10 minutes! I can’t wait for December 1st so we can start opening up the bags.

However, once my girls know that lollipops are in the bags, I can foresee this being a daily issue. I might need to move the sofa so they can not reach the bags. My kids will try anything for candy!



I would love to see your own DIY Advent calendars! Please tag me @clareandgracedesigns on Instagram so I can admire your work!

Happy crafting!



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