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Weight Lifting 101

Hi friends!


I’m literally quite pumped to share this article with you.  Before we jump in, here’s the scoop on how I came to love the weight room:


I grew up as a dancer. I spent ten plus hours in the studio each week and I loved every second of it! I never had to think about working out because dance kept me more than conditioned. However, when I went away for college, I didn’t have dance to rely on and needed to keep in shape some other way. The gym was like a foreign jungle to me with loads of strange equipment and fratty muscle heads. I was so overwhelmed, I simply emulated the other college girls around me and hopped on the elliptical for an hour each day. While I was definitely getting my cardio in, I certainly was not building any strength. Even worse, I viewed my workout as a chore that was only meant to burn off calories instead of building strength and athleticism.


Flash forward a couple of years and I tried it all: spin classes, BBG, Zumba you name it. While I was diligent about never missing a workout, I knew something was amiss. I never felt like I was working towards a goal, I was only going through the motions. How many of you have felt this way?


My husband had been trying to encourage me to try out the weight room for years. I was hesitant because I believed many of the lies women are told from the start: you’ll get bulky and put on weight! I finally mustered the confidence to try it out. David walked me around the gym and showed me how to use every machine that was a part of my free Jamie Eason LiveFit training guide. I was terrified needless to say!


And the results almost two years later? I have never been happier. First and foremost, I feel STRONG! I can lift my body weight. I can carry heavy groceries. I can handle my own luggage at the airport. And there is nothing more empowering than feeling and owning that strength! My increased muscle tone and physique are really only added bonuses. For the first time, working out means improving my strength and working toward goals. My workout is not about working off what I ate that day. All of you deserve to feel this way!


Here are a few helpful tips to get stated

  1. Follow a guide! I still do this because I hate writing my own workouts and it helps me stay on track and focused. Favorites include Jamie Eason, Jessie’s Girls, and Corporate Sneakers.
  2. Get some gear! I find weightlifting gloves and a set of resistance bands to be the most helpful.
  3. Eat up! All of those articles about muscle mass and how it helps to burn more fat are true. Your muscles need food to grow! I promise you won’t bulk up. You need the energy to lift and perform in the gym.
  4. Get a training partner or a trainer! If you find it hard to motivate yourself or stay on task, this will be key.
  5. Start where you are. There is nothing worse than trying to lift more weight than you can handle in poor form. Start light and work your way up. It’s the mind muscle connection that truly matters. The weight will follow.
  6. Work in cardio as necessary, but try a rest period! Every time I start a new resistance training program I forgo cardio for a few weeks. It really helps reset my body and keeps my muscles feeling awake and ready to lift heavy!
  7. Don’t overdo if! Your body needs rest in order to build muscle, don’t overlook how crucial this is. You need at least 1-2 rest days to perform well in the gym.


That’s it for now! I’ll be sure to write a few more articles on specific tips and tricks, programs, and FAQ’s on weightlifting. Let me know what you’d like to see.



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